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“All the world is a stage” – Shakespeare
From music and movies to social and dinner recommendations; MUZE captures the user’s evolving preferences and provides experience recommendations that inspire creative lifestyle design.


Technology is always changing our definition of performance. We’ve combined insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and game design to create an anticipatory system to help individuals identify and acclimate to their Personal Peak Performance Regimen


Our Horizon API allows for integration of user’s E.C.H.O., or dataset in augmented reality and VR for experiences - allowing developers to create the next generation of gameplay.


Flow is glowingly individualistic. Muze is designed to cultivate cognitive performance; to sense, anticipate and adapt - to cultivate the individual’s Optimal Creative Flow.


At Senso Laboratories we prioritize cultivating the distinctive potential of the individual as it adapts and evolves within their subjective field of experience. Our technology leverages these very important factors of the human experience to optimize both cognitive and physical health.


MUZE is a mobile and web platform to enhance human cognitive performance. It leverages advanced A.I. and machine learning with bioinformatics and environmental data to generate actionable insights by harnessing the impact of music, gamification, and other emotional triggers as the modality for transformation.


MUZE conducts research and development studies within corporate environments to strengthen the workplace dynamics and productivity. Leveraging a dynamic feedback loop utilizing bioinformatics and environmental data linked to the user's workflow, MUZE is able to create higher levels of employee performance and provide actionable insights to the management team.

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